Let the experience offered by the pontoon boat carry you away and create beautiful memories for you and your family!

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S.C. Astoria Art Distribution is a company with private equity, founded in 2013 and having various fields of activity. In 2017, analyzing the demand of the market, we became one of the few pontoon boats importers.

Pontoon boats are floating ships perfectly designed for the activities:
-sport and recreational fishing
-trips, sailing, voyages, cruises
-water sports
-water taxi
-merchandise transport
-access to camping destinations
-water competitions

2017 Gs Center Console Fish Running 1
2017 Gs Cruise 1

For your pleasure we have chosen to market two of the most popular pontoon boat models, in different sizes and with multiple facilities


Carettapontoon is the ideal option in business helping at merchandise transport, but also when it comes to spending our free time, for cruises, water sports or fishing.

    • Carettapontoon – 5 meters length
    • Carettapontoon – 7 meters length
    • Carettapontoon – 7 meters length ( Deluxe model with different accessories)
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Sharkpontoon gives you all the advantages and benefits of a pontoon boat in a novel shape that allows an easier navigation and access in spaces that would have been otherwise inaccessible.

  • Sharkpontoon – 5 meters length
  • Sharkpontoon – 7 meters length
  • Sharkpontoon – 7 meters  length (Deluxe model with different accessories)
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Whether you want to surprise your partner with an undoubtedly beautiful dinner, to relax together with your family or to throw a party, the pontoon boats are the perfect choice, the space, safety and comfort of the boat standing at your service.



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